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Suzans Tea Review Name: Suzan D. M.

Location: Vancouver, BC

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Date: Oct 31st, 2011

Submitted: Online Form
What I think about Aloe Blossom Tea!?
I wasn't tea drinker at all. I was heavy duty coffee drinker. I had coffee in the morning before my work and while driving to my office, in the office, during my drive home from the office and sometimes I would drink coffee in the afternoon as well. However, my doc suggested I should reduce it and consider to take some tea instead. But I wouldn't listen. We don't listen unless there is a reason. I was healthy and wouldn't bother taking out coffe from my life. However, when I was diagnosed with ulcers I completely changed my mind and started to pay attention what I eat and what I drink. It is not just because I was diagnosed, but because I had pain. So, I converted to drink tea instead of coffee. It has changed my stool, my skin, I feel better, I sleep better, I don't have a pain and I simply love it. Love the tea and would recommend it to everyone I know. Suzy.

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