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When you considering to buy any Forever Living Product or just Aloe Vera Tea, there is always opportunity to purchase these products as individual at regular retail price or you can get the products on a wholesale discount price by becoming an FLP distributor.

Option A) Buy at Retail Price
Purchasing Aloe Vera Tea this way is recommended if you buy it generally for yourself for your entire usage, so in that case you don't need to become FLP distirubtor as you purchasing this product as a regular retail buyer. We stand 100% behind our tea because we beleive it is one of the best on the market and hence we offer 100% money back if this tea does not meet your expectations.

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Option B) Buy at Discount (Wholesale) Price
But if you want to buy Aloe Vera Tea at lower (wholesale) price then you are welcome to become our Forever Business Owner Member (Forever Representative). Becoming an FLP distributor is a very easy process because you don't have to pay any membership or registration fee, you don't need to order large quantity of products and you don't have to sell it if you don't want to. Once you register you can sell any of Aloe Vera Products plus you have a chance to earn the bonuses.

If this sounds a good opportunity then register and start your new career today. Be sure that our staff will be always available for you to answer any questions you may have and give you support to become a successfull Forever Living Distributor.

To order Aloe Tea at a wholesale price you need to register first! Please click on the flag below!


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And remember, there is no no hidden fees.

If your country is not listed please contact us and we will assisst you with a further instructions.

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