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This is a collection of real reviews about aloe vera tea. What others are saying about our tea. Why to drink it. Why to take it on regular basis. How does it smell? How does it taste? Comparisons to other teas, other brands, other types. Read all here, and leave your comment and review at the bottom of the page.

Steven Tea Review Name: Steven H.

Location: Ottawa, ON

IP Address:

Date: January 1st, 1774

Submitted: Not Real :)
Hi, My name is Steven!
Most people know me as a Prime Minister of Canada. I would like to say that I love this aloe vera tea. I haven't tried it but it looks amazing only looking at it. If I would ever recommend a tea, it would be this aloe vera tea. If you ask why - I think that is a qood question - and you should find out why by yourself!!!


Obama and Tea Name: Pres. Obama

Location: Washington, DC

IP Address:

Date: January 1st, 1774

Submitted: Not Real :)
Obama Here!
Most people know me as a President of United States. I just love aloe vera tea. I haven't tried it but it based on the great yellow-ish colours I am sure it is great. Why do I prefer this tea instead of another one? That is a mistery by itself and you should solve it for your own reasons. You see, I can't know your reason for drinking a tea, I just know that tea is good for us and everyone should drink it!


Olena Review Name: Olena Savach

Location: Edmonton, AB

IP Address:

Date: Sep 8th, 2011

Submitted: Online Form
Drink it cold / chilled!
Your tea is the best liquid that I have consumed and I drink it chilled, with ice. It is very refreshing, I boil 2 L of water and I make 2 L of aloe vera ice tea. I serve it to my guests instead of juice. The best thing is that I like is how I digest my food better and I don't feel bloated like I used to. I would recommend this tea to anyone who has digestion problems or problems with constipation. In the worst case you will enjoy the great taste.


Marry Name: Marry Anne Ross

Location: London, ON

IP Address:

Date: Sep 21st, 2011

Submitted: Sent by Email
I just ordered your tea two weeks ago for the very first time and then googled this website. I just want to tell you - THANK YOU! I ordered more and I will be sharing these with my friends because no one seems to know about it. Love the taste. The only problem I have is that ordering form didn't work so I had to call customer service. Other than that, it has arrived fast and shipping was very affordable as well. simply love it.

---Marry Anne

Trisha Oyavode Name: Trisha Oyavode

Location: Toronto, ON

IP Address:

Date: Sep 22nd, 2011

Submitted: Online Form
I've learned about this tea when I was visiting Nigeria. My cousin introduced the tea to me and I was more than pleased with it overall. Several months passed by and I have forgotten about it. Then I saw it somoene selling on one of the health shows here in Toronto and I recognized the package. I found it online and ordered it again. I am now enjoying it again - it is like a tea reunion

Mirko Review Name: Mirko Slowicz

Location: Wawel, Poland

IP Address:

Date: September 16th, 2011

Submitted: Online Form
TRANSLATION: I love your tea. I am drinking this tea for many years - since it bacome available here. My daughter recommended to me to drink this tea for good bowel, and I feel clean and light. Never thought I would use other teas beside my own teas that I prepare. I enjoy the taste and I enjoy drinking it.

---Mirko Slowicz from Poland.

Donna Tea Name: Donna

Location: Steinbach, Canada

IP Address:

Date: October 18th, 2011

Submitted: Online Form
Simply The Best Herbal Tea
I tried many teas before but nothing compares to aloe blossom tea. Simply The Best

--- Donna

Nicolas B. Name: Nicolas B.

Location: St George, Utah

IP Address:

Date: October 22nd, 2011

Submitted: Online Form
Aloe tea was suggested to me by my naturopathic doctor who I trust and respect with all suggestions. I had IBS problems and I tried few different things but nothing seemed to helped. So, I tried this tea and as expected and recommended by my doc it worked nicely. Besides that I enjoy the taste, the most importantly it releaved my symptoms. Thanks for putting together such a nice combination of herbs into this tea.

Sonia Reviewing Tea Name: Sonia

Location: Kelowna, BC

IP Address:

Date: October 28th, 2011

Submitted: Online Form
Incredible - is the word that I would like to describe this tea. Tried many teas in my life. I am generally very natural health oriented (got that from my gramma), and always looking to consume natural based products. I eat everything - not picky, but love food. However, I prefer to eat healthy than tasty, hence great health. This tea is tested, reviewed and I consume it regularly. Would be happy to recommend it to my friends and family. A lot of my friends now know about this tea.

Suzans Tea Review Name: Suzan D. M.

Location: Vancouver, BC

IP Address:

Date: Oct 31st, 2011

Submitted: Online Form
What I think about Aloe Blossom Tea!?
I wasn't tea drinker at all. I was heavy duty coffee drinker. I had coffee in the morning before my work and while driving to my office, in the office, during my drive home from the office and sometimes I would drink coffee in the afternoon as well. However, my doc suggested I should reduce it and consider to take some tea instead. But I wouldn't listen. We don't listen unless there is a reason. I was healthy and wouldn't bother taking out coffe from my life. However, when I was diagnosed with ulcers I completely changed my mind and started to pay attention what I eat and what I drink. It is not just because I was diagnosed, but because I had pain. So, I converted to drink tea instead of coffee. It has changed my stool, my skin, I feel better, I sleep better, I don't have a pain and I simply love it. Love the tea and would recommend it to everyone I know. Suzy.

Reviewing Tea Name: Tina Stimackera

Location: New Jersey, NY

IP Address:

Date: Dec 12th, 2011

Submitted: Online Form
Thanks for asking, I am happy to write my review!
Suggested to me by my sister in law Sarafena I had to try this tea. Her neighbour was distributing products and they drink it regularly. Sarafena said, since they started drinking all they talk about is the tea So, she had to try, then she started to talk about it all the time, so that I had to try it. Since I tried it - this is the only tea that I drink. It tastes great, WHOLE HOUSE smells great, and sleep so much better when I have my cup in the evening. --- T.S.

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